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Larry Jordan

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I am very honored to be named as the Resident Evangelist for the Rehoboth Baptist Association.  Four years ago this coming September, God led my wife, Donna, and me to step out on a faith venture, leaving the security of a good pastorate and entering into the “Revival Ministry.”  God gave us a mandate to leave the pastorate at New Beginnings Fellowship Baptist Church, where we felt we could have stayed the rest of our ministry.  We are still members of New Beginnings.


God has given me a heart for Pastors, having been in the pastorate for many years, and a desire to see our Churches return to their “first love.”  Even though these four years have taken us literally all over the country in Churches of all sizes and in various Bible conferences, we always  enjoy being able to be in Churches close to home.


I have a radio program each Sunday morning on KSST, 1230 AM, at 8:45, called “Wake Up, America.”  Even though we have had a full schedule thus far this Spring, our Summer and Fall schedules have some good open dates.  My website is, and my email is  My home phone is 903-885-6102 and my cell phone is 903-243-2430.

As your Resident Evangelist, I covet your prayers.  The work of God cannot be done in the energy of the flesh, it must be bathed in prayer and the power of God.  In the busyness of our churches today, we tend to forget the          business of the church.  Jesus said, “My house shall be called a house of prayer.”

Yours for Revival!

Larry B. Jordan



  May 2021  
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